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Miss Duffy

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Class Teacher - Miss Duffy 

Hello Year 3 children, parents and carers,

Welcome to Year 3's class page.


Take a look at our Lenten slideshow

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Our Class Representatives


School Councillors  - Lucas R & Sophia A


Worship Warrior - Lacey C & Joshua O


Eco Warrior - Corey S & Suraya I


Reading Ambassadors -  Annabelle S & Nathan M


Well-being Champions - Harley J & Pennie D


Digital Leaders - Oliver J & Millie H


Maths Champions - Nathan M & Sophia A




Our Mission Statement

Believe- Achieve-Belong...together with Christ


In the light of St Michael the Archangel, we strive to be champions of all Christians and to the Church itself.


Christ Centred Aim - Believe

  • To live the Gospel values and live life to the full with forgiveness, love and respect and kindness for all


Teaching and Learning Aim - Achieve

  • To learn, grow and inspire as we act as role models when we care for others, the world and the environment

Community Aim - Belong

  • To be messengers of Christ opening a door to the Church for the community to share its Gospel values both locally and globally.


We pray that our patron, St Michael the Archangel protects our school, community and Church.




Our Prayer to St Michael

In the light of St Michael the Archangel, we strive to be champions of all Christians and to the Church itself.

We will believe, achieve and belong together with Christ.

We pray that our patron, St Michael the Archangel protects our school, community and Church.




At St Michael and All Angels, we strive to create a magical curriculum that engages our learners with life long learning powers, enabling them to enjoy a creative and enriching experiences  alongside their friends, staff and families.

We enjoy using our 5 Ways to Learning






Curriculum Map

Please click here to see what your child will be learning about each half term.

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Religious Education 
Our Autumn topics are: 
Homes, Promises and Visitors 
Our Spring topics are: 
Journeys, Listening and Sharing and Giving All
Our Summer topics are:
Energy, Choices, Special Places

Autumn 1: The Tin Forest

Autumn 2: The Great Kapok Tree 

Spring 1:  Escape from Pompeii

Spring 2: Iron Man

Summer 1: Arthur and The Golden Rope

Summer 2:  One Plastic Bag


Autumn Term: Place value, Addition and Subtraction  

Spring Term: Multiplication, Division, Fractions

Summer Term: Measurement, Time, Geometry 



Autumn 2: Drawing

Spring 2: Painting 

Summer 2: Sculpture


Autumn Term: My Online Life and Rainforest 

Spring Term: Dancing Robot and Keyboard Adventures 

Summer Term: Online Detective and T-Shirt Designer

Design Technology

Autumn 1: Food Technology

Spring 1: Mechanics and Levers  

Summer 1: Construction



Autumn 2: Rainforest

Spring 2: Extreme Earth

Summer 2: Getting Around Kirkby



Autumn 1: Stone Age to the Iron Age

Spring 1: Romans

Summer 1: Egypt 

Autumn Term: R & B

Spring Term: Reggae

Summer Term: Disco



Autumn Term: Football and Dance 

Spring Term: Gymnastics and Basketball 

Summer Term: Athletics and Circuit Training  


Autumn Term:  How can we be a good friend? What keeps us safe? 

Spring Term: What rules and behaviours keep us safe and happy with friends and family? 

Summer Term: What are we responsible for in our community? 

 Autumn Term: Rocks and Animals Including Humans

Spring Term: Forces and Magnets

Summer Term: Plants and Light  




Important Information


Class Dojo

Our class reward system is Class Dojos. Children can earn them for having a positive attitude towards their work, effort, a high standard of work, teamwork, caring for others, challenging themselves and many more. Children will be rewarded with prizes / certificates. However, class dojos can also be lost for unacceptable behaviour, lack of  homework etc. 






Once completed, children will bring home the results of their year 1/2 common exception words test to learn the spellings that they got incorrect. Once confident, children will move onto the year 3/4 common exception words. Children should aim to learn 10 per week using a variety of fun methods such as spellings scribbles, rainbow words, word pyramids, bubble writing etc. 


Spellings Homework for Parents

Spelling scribble blank

Other homework


English -

History -

All subjects -





We aim for 100% attendance in every class. We want our children in school each day so that they have every opportunity to learn and develop in order to reach their full potential. Dojos are given each week for 100% attendance. 





Children can bring in a healthy snack each day to take onto the playground with them. Good examples are any fruit / vegetables, cheese, toast. Please don't bring in chocolate bars, biscuits, cereal bars or crisps as SMAAA is a healthy school. 



School Dinners

Children can bring in a packed lunch or choose from a range of sandwiches, jacket potatoes or hot dinners.

Sandwiches - Ham, cheese or tuna

Jacket Potatoes - Cheese, beans or tuna





P.E. Kits

Year 3's P.E. day is Monday each week. Children should come to school in their P.E. kits which should include the following:

- Yellow T shirt

- Royal Blue shorts or dark blue or black tracksuit bottoms

- Jumper/cardigan

- Trainers or school black pumps



Please click here to find some really useful tips for staying safe online: 

Online Safety - Top Tips







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