Spirituality Days

We enjoy taking part in Spirituality Days where we take part in many spiritual experiences. It gives us time to reflect, appreciate and give thanks for what we have and it gives us the chance to remember that God is at the centre of all we do.


These days include

  • writing prayers;
  • reading the Bible;
  • exploring Christian values;
  • having time to think, reflect and pray;
  • plan class worship in groups;
  • spend time outside looking at God's creation;
  • listening to worshipful/reflective music;
  • organising reflection areas;
  • expressing ourselves through art, music and drama.


Mission Statement Spirituality Day

In our last Spiritality Day we celebrated our new Mission Statement. Each year group received a different aspect of the Mission Statement to concentrate on and then created spiritual experiences for the other classes to take part in to deepen their understanding of it.


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