Our Attendance and Punctuality Lead is  Mr Lewis.

Attendance Intention

At St Michael and All Angels Primary School we know that excellent attendance is the key to is the key to a successful schooling and a successful life.  We want to ensure that our children have the best educational educational experience and are ready to move to High School with all of the skills and knowledge that they need.

Coming to school everyday means:

  • learning new skills;
  • making friends;
  • learning to hold a conversation with others;
  • being independent;
  • taking part in new experinces;
  • sharing experinces with others;
  • being part of a Catholic community;
  • supporting others and fulfilling our Mission;
  • achieving well;
  • preparing for our future;
  • getting a great job in the future.


Our school attendance target this year is 97%.

Being on time is just as important.

Being 5 mins late each day means you have missed 3 learning days over a school year.

Be In The Line For 5 to 9

What will be the Spring 2022 Challenge from Mr Lewis?

More info in the newsletter on 21st January 2022. 

Keep your eyes peeled.


Lots of children achieved the 30 day Attendance Challenge in the Autumn Term.

See the link below:

/uploads/495/files/30 Day Challenge.pdf

Class Weekly Attendance Winners

14.01.2022  Miss Hester Class 10 and Mrs Fairhurst Class 2- a marvellous 96.6%. Keep up the good work boys and girls.

07.01.2022 Miss Hester and Class 10 have started the year with 100% Fantastic Class 10.

03.12.2021 Miss Maguire and Class 8 with a fantiastic 100%.

26.11.2021 Miss Canavan and the Yr 2 children must be proud of achieving 99% attendance this week

19.11.2021 Miss Duffy is very pleased to knowthat her class have been super attenders again. Well done Yr 3.

12.11.2021 Mrs Bird and Class 11 have achieved 100% attendance. Super-duper.

05.11.2021 Mrs Hulme and Class 13 Year 6 have had a great week and achieved 98%. Well done everyone.

15.10.2021 Two super classes this week. Mrs Bird Class 11 and Miss Hester Class 10 both have 100% attendance. Keep up the great work and attitude to learning children. Thank you families too.

08.10.2021 Miss Duffy and Class 7 are the wonderful attenders this week with 99%.

01.10.2021 This week's super class is Year 3 Class 8 with 97.6%. Keep up the great work.

24.09.2021 This week's "Magic Attenders" are Class 5. Well done Year 2.

17.09.2021 This week's "Super Attendance" goes to Class 4  98% Well done Year 1

10.09.2021 This Week's "Great Attenders" Class 13 Mr Arnold 100% Well Done Year 6

Have a read of our Parent Attendance Booklet.

/uploads/495/files/Attendance Parent Booklet(1).pdf

Whole Year 100% attendance from 2nd Sept-21st July inclusive.

A very different mystery day out this year. Clues to follow as the year goes on.

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