Season of Creation

Everyone on the planet has a role to play in caring for creation. Every day each of us has a chance to care for our beautiful planet. Sometimes we forget that we can make change happen.


Each class will create a 'Caring for Creation' wall art in their classroom. Then each time that someone in their class does one of the things on the list, they will add a leaf, a flower, or an animal, something to represent what they have done. Within a short time, if everyone works together they will have produced a beautiful mural to remind everyone how important it is to care for creation. Around the edge of their murals, they will add photographs of them as they care for our common home.


Things we can do to care for our common home

  • Recycle
  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.
  • Make your shower a 4-minute shower to save water
  • Eat less meat or try going vegan for a week
  • Whatever your age, write a letter or email to your MP explaining why it is important to care for creation…and send it! Share what you are doing!
  • Go for a walk outdoors. Count how many plants and animals you see
  • Write to your local supermarkets and shops asking them to reduce single use plastic
  • Build a bug hotel in your garden
  • Plant a window container with insect friendly flowers
  • Plant a wildlife mini meadow Plant a veg garden – even in a pot. Don’t have space, then plant up
  • Learn one new thing about creation every day
  • Pray for our common home






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