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We gained the Bronze Reading Mark 



Reading Questionnaires

Thank you for all of the reading questionnaires that were returned by families (94 in total).  We were delighted to read the positive comments about reading in our school and at home with your children.

Some quotes from those returned included:

“She loves to read and she reads most nights of the week,” Year 2 parent.
“He reads every day and so do I,” Year 6 parent.
“I read more with my children than I do for my own enjoyment,” Year 1 parent.

Families read lots of different types of texts including, websites, comics, newspapers but the most popular with 54 votes was fiction.

91 out of 94 pupils enjoyed reading and the remaining 4 still read weekly or daily.
76 of the 94 are members of a library.

How does school help your child to read?

You included lots of comments some of which are set out below:

“My son enjoys reading with his friends at snack time, ” Year 2 parent.
“My children have enjoyed visiting the local library each year,” Year 4 parent.
“The school provides great books for children to bring home,” Year 6 parent.

What would you like school to do to support reading further?

  • rewards for reading;
  • sharing books with parents;
  • raffles to win books;
  • improve the school library;
  • more author visits;
  • art based on a book;
  • listening to different adults read;
  • online reading resources;
  • reading challenge.
  • more reading for pleasure activities;
  • book clubs;
  • story of the week;
  • story sack workshops. 

We at St Michael and All Angels Primary School have the aim of nurturing and developing a love and enjoyment for  our pupils in order for them to become children who are confident in their reading and writing. We are dedicated, by teaching the skills of grammar, spelling reading and different genres, that we will equip our children to be literate adults in the future



The ability to read is one of life’s most important skills and a love of reading for pleasure, for discovering new things and learning process skills will last a lifetime.

Reading With Your Child

It is really important and a special experience when you read with your child. Make it a special time that you can share together.

The more you praise your child for trying to read, the more they will enjoy it. It’s fine to make mistakes, and it’s supposed to be fun! Working with your child to learn to read promotes-

  • Enjoyment
  • Reading Skills
  • Opportunities to Talk About Reading
  • Reading with your child can take many forms

Just by reading aloud together for ten minutes a day will see your child grow into a confident learner. Bedtime is the perfect time to catch 10 minutes of reading time.

Tips to Help Your Child Read

  • Choose a quiet time
  • Make reading enjoyable
  • Be positive
  • Success is the key
  • Regular practise
  • Talk about books
  • Visit the library

Libraries are free to join and offer more than just books these days. Most local libraries offer CD and DVD rentals, rhyme time for babies and young children, story time for children of all ages, and they even offer events for adults. For more information about libraries and reading events check your local one.





Best ways to support writing

How can you help at home- use some of these strategies.

  • Give your child a special place to write which is well stocked with pens, pencils, paper and crayons etc.
  • READ READ READ and then READ some more!
  • Try keeping a diary
  • Provide real life writing opportunities eg shopping lists, party invitations and thank you notes.
  • Be a writing role model yourself
  • Display writing done at home- a good pace is stuck on the fridge!
  • When in the car make words up from car number plates
  • Make up stories together

Remember every little bit of encouragement, sharing and talking about reading and writing will help your child to achieve their maximum potential.

Reading Sites– loads of good stories read by some famous people – after registering there is the opportunity to read lots of different books online -National Young Geographic magazine for young people


Throughout the year we hold different workshops to support writing at home. 

The parents who have attended so far have shown a huge increase in knowledge and confidence to support their child when writing making comments such as;

‘I found it really useful learning about the grotty grapheme and how to use it to support my child.’ 
‘I have a whole new outlook on how to support my child’


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